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BIM Collaboration Software for Constructability Reviews.


Streamline VDC & BIM preconstruction workflows through the acceleration of model coordination and clash detection.




Benefits of working with BIM 360 Coordinate



Cloud-connected preconstruction workflows.
Accelerate constructability reviews and let multidisciplinary teams quickly identify and resolve costly issues in the preconstruction phase with anytime, anywhere access to project models.


centralize bim models

Centralize BIM Models

Merge models in the cloud to collaborate and coordinate with project stakeholders.

round trip coordination

Round Trip Coordination

Desktop to cloud model merging, versioning and clash resolution.

extend model access

Extend Model Access

Provide access to 50+ file formats to workers in the field on their iPads.



Not just clash detection. Clash avoidance.

Rather than simply detecting clashes, BIM 360 Coordinate helps contractors avoid clashes before coordination meetings.


identify clashes

Identify Clashes

Designers upload directly to a merged model and get alerted of clashes.

resolve clashes

Resolve Clashes

Collaborate directly with other disciplines to resolve simple clashes and upload new version.

review clashes

Review Clashes

Remaining clashes are resolved at coordination meetings.



BIM 360 Coordinate Features


3D model access

3D Model Access

  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • 50+ file formats
  • Sync models for offline viewing

constructability review tools

Constructability Review Tools

  • Review and annotate models
  • Send notifications to project team
  • Respond to markups

simply navigate models

Simply Navigate Models

  • Gesture-based pan, zoom and orbit
  • Gravity-assisted walk through navigation
  • Select, hide and reveal model components



  • Point-to-Point tools
  • Object snapping
  • Automatic calculations

navisworks integration

Navisworks Integration

  • One-click publish to Coordinate
  • Perform more detailed clash detection
  • Send links and notifications to reviewers

design tool integration

Design Tool Integration

  • Upload directly to Coordinate
  • Automatically manage model versions
  • Access and isolate clashing elements

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1. Installation and activation of software products


This service is provided during initial installation of software products and includes:

  • Assistance with creating and managing of accounts.
  • Assistance for initial installation, activation, and product licensing.


The value of this service is 60 BGN per license including VAT.

Individual discounts are offered to users with more licenses..




2. Annual subscription for software support


The subscription includes the following services:

  • Assistance with account management.
  • Assistance with installation, reinstallation, activation and licensing of products.
  • Assistance with license management.
  • Help with updating the software products to get standard updates from manufacturers.
  • Help with providing backup installation packages.
  • Consultations and assistance for solving problems when working with the software (up to 6 hours a year).


The cost of the annual subscription is 300 BGN per license including VAT.

Individual discounts are offered to users with more licenses.




The subscription provides you:


  • Priority service for your company.
  • Guaranteed response time for occurred problems - up to 6 working hours after the initial occurrence.
  • Suggesting a solution for occurred issues with the software installations for a period of up to 3 working days from the initial occurrence.
  • Special rates for on-site support or additional consultations.
  • Discount of 10% for training in our training center.


3. Services and software support on request


They are paid hourly upon request by a user for assistance, the price for each started hour is 60 BGN including VAT.





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