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Monitor LG 34UC99-W With an order

Monitor LG 34UC99-W

34UC99 is an UltraWide Curved IPS Monitor from LG.This immersive UltraWide monitor has 3440 X 1440 Quad HD resolution and IPS technology for the performance and off-angle viewing creative professionals need, plus ample space for multiple work windows.  21:9 UltraWide® Curved QHDLG 34UC99 Curved UltraWide™ Monitor with QHD (3440 x 1440) wide screen real-estate ideal for using various programs.  Professional Colour Grading IPS DisplayThe color reproduction is enhanced by the IPS display, because unlike a VA display, IPS has no color distortion or color shift, even when viewed from an angle.  USB Type-C™While the combination of 3440 x 1440 QHD resolution and IPS display brings you the utmost immersion with a wider field of view, a single cable of USB Type-C™ simplifies your work station.  Versatility and Performance with Screen SplitThrough OnScreen Control Software, select most needed screen setting among 14 of Screen Split options and optimize Multi-tasking window organization. ..

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Monitor LG 43UD79-B With an order

Monitor LG 43UD79-B

4K UHD Monitor from LG.With nearly as much screen area as four 21.5” monitors, the Ultra HD 4K 43UD79-B can multitask and entertain in exciting new ways.   43” 4K UHD IPS DisplayOutstanding Ultra HD performance is assured by the specially designed 4K display panel with in-plane switching (IPS), delivering accurate colors that remain consistent at wide viewing angles, with four times the resolution of Full HD.  USB Type-C™ (DP Alt Mode)Offering a new generation of convenience, USB Type-C™ (DP Alt Mode) ports allow 4K video display and mobile device charging, all at the same time over a single cable.  4x HDMI InputsEasily and conveniently connect your other digital devices and peripherals with the convenience of 4 HDMI inputs.  Screen SplitCustomize your monitor layout for multitasking with the latest version of LG Screen Split. Resize and display multiple windows at once, with 14 options including four different picture-in-picture (PIP) choices. ..

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