Software support and installation

software support


Dear colleagues,

As a leading CAD / BIM design software vendor, and in response to the increased interest and need for quality and timely assistance in operating the licenses you have purchased, we offer the following software support capabilities:



installation and activation


1. Installation and activation of software products


This service is provided during initial installation of software products and includes:

- Assistance creating and managing of accounts.

- Assistance for initial installation, activation, and product licensing.


The value of this service is 60 BGN per license including VAT.

Individual discounts are offered to users with more licenses.



annual subscription


2. Annual subscription for software support


The subscription includes the following services:

- Assistance with account management.

- Assistance with installation, reinstallation, activation and licensing of products.

- Assistance with license management.

- Help with updating the software products to get standard updates from manufacturers.

- Help to provide backup installation packages.

- Consultations and assistance for solving problems when working with the software (up to 6 hours a year).


The cost of the annual subscription is 300 BGN per license including VAT.

Individual discounts are offered to users with more licenses.


The subscription provides you:


- Priority service for your company.

- Guaranteed response time for occurred problems - up to 6 working hours after the initial occurrence.

- Suggesting a solution for occurred issues with the software installations for a period of up to 3 working days from the initial occurrence.

- Special rates for on-site support or additional consultations.

- Discount of 10% for training in our training center.



services on request


3. Services and software support on request

They are paid hourly upon request by a user for assistance, the price for each started hour is 60 BGN including VAT.






- All services are done by phone, internet, or remote connection to your computer.

- Services are available on working days (Monday – Friday), between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.

- Services performed at the consumer's office are subject to additional agreement.

- All transport and subsistence costs incurred outside Sofia are paid by the customer.

- All additional services outside the subscription are paid depending on their price at the time of the event.